Getting Current

Harrrowsmith Winter 2021/2022 magazine cover

I have to confess that during periods when I'm immersed in writing or spending long hours on the road interacting with readers, I have a tendency to not update my website as often as I would like and, despite my best intentions, the information can sometimes get a bit dated.

I'm slowly but persistently catching up.

I've recently updated the Journalism page, moving away from my traditional practice of posting information relating to my ten most recent articles to instead posting info on thirty of my favourites. Thirty is a bit of an arbitrary number. I stopped adding articles when I got tired of scanning magazine covers.

I've also reworked the Videos, Events, and Books sections to make them a bit more streamlined.

In the midst of all that, it occurred to me that I've been reviewing books for several years now and posting my thoughts about them on platforms where they will benefit their authors the most (Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, GoodReads, AppleBooks, etc.), but I haven't posted a word about them on my own site. So I went and added an index of those reviews to my homepage, making it easier for site visitors to find them. The intent is to add a new review every week, but we'll see how that goes. All of the books I review were written by Canadian authors and most are published by small presses.

I've also returned to doing regular blog posts, so check back when you can. There should be new stuff going online on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future.

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