Technical Services

With more than 25 years experience in the technical field, Vanessa specializes in helping Canadian not-for-profits maintain the online presences that allow them to effectively manage the daily tasks their organizations need to function in an efficient manner. These can include managing membership information and renewals, event scheduling and registration, mailing lists, and more. Importantly, these things need to be accomplished in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

There are two important platforms that that work together to allow this to happen:

Drupal logoDrupal 7 - A flexible, scalable, open-source content management system (CMS) used by not-for-profits and NGOs the world over. Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Oxfam, World Economic Forum, Rotary International, Doctors Without Borders, National Audubon Society, and countless others. Benefits include:

  • Easy content authoring & customizable workflows
  • Integrates with a wide ecosystem of digital marketing technology & business applications
  • Displays content in multiple layouts for various end-user devices
  • Allows incorporation of a variety of media types (images, video, pdfs, etc.)
  • Customizable end-user experience

CiviCRM logoCiviCRM - A powerful, open-source constituent relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for the management of not-for-profits and used by more than 10,000 organizations throughout the world. Benefits include:

  • Helps you manage your members & volunteers
  • Centralizes mailing list management
  • Helps you manage your donors, funders, clients & partners
  • Fully integrates with Drupal

If you are a Canadian not-for-profit looking to implement a cost-effective solution for managing your organization, please get in touch with me and we can discuss the details of your project.